Donald Trump got a licking in Mexico City on Wednesday. Well, a bulbous piñata resembling the president-elect did, actually.

In a video obtained by TMZ, several Guns N’ Roses fans are seen using baseball bats on the giant Trump figure after being invited on stage by frontman Axl Rose.

“Express yourself however you feel,” Rose encouraged, and that the fans did, throwing dismantled limbs to the crowd after the piñata was all but destroyed.

If Trump, whose campaign cornerstones included the construction of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico at our southern neighbor’s expense, thinks about ordering an apology from the band as he recently did with the cast of “Hamilton,” he might have a long wait.


In a Nov. 19 tweet, after Trump claimed Vice President-elect Mike Pence was “harassed” while attending the Broadway smash, Rose wrote, “This is the job, get on with it or get out of the kitchen.”

Welcome to the jungle, Mr. President.

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