Marcello Lippi, Italian national team head coach (2004-2006) who led Italy to win the FIFA World Cup in 2006, offers his predictions for the UEFA Euro 2008 below:

Group A: ”Portugal will be the winning team, and Cristiano Ronaldo, easy to say, will be the star — perhaps the star off all the Euro 2008. But pay attention to the Czech Republic.”

Group B: ”I say Germany will win. Talking about the stars, I say the German attacker Lucas Podolsky. I find him great.”

Group C: “Definitely I say Italy, and it couldn’t be different for me. The star? Luca Toni.”

Group D: “I say Spain and Fernando Torres, one of the most modern strikers I know.”

Vicente del Bosque, coach of Real Madrid from 1999-2003, offers his predictions for the UEFA Euro 2008 below:

Group A: ”Portugal. There’s a new generation of good players. They already had an excellent tournament in the last Euro. It’s the best team. Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the star in Europa and the top scorer among all European leagues. He knows how to play perfectly in every area of the pitch, and, moreover, he is a great scorer.”

Group B: “Germany. They have very experienced players and they’ll do a great job. Watch for Luka Modric (Croatia). He is a very young talent, a kid with very good technical skills. This Euro could be his takeoff.”

Group C: “Italy. They have a very competitive football league and enough efficiency to take advantage of everything. They also have big names with a lot of experience. Watch for Karim Benzema (France). His future is great. He has a modern striker style, with very good technique.”

Group D:
“Spain. The team has been built around young players, ready to give their best and with enough boost to do a great Euro. Watch for Andrés Iniesta Luján (Spain). He is a midfielder that does everything very well. He plays very smoothly, and can perform in every single space in the pitch. He is an outstanding player. If he passes the Euro exam with great marks, it will promote his great career.”