Jessica Smith/for metro vancouver


The members of Mayday, a pop-rock band from Taiwan, sign a poster advertising their upcoming Vancouver show at K-Mix Karaoke in Richmond yesterday.

Taiwan’s most popular rock band is playing its first Vancouver show tomorrow.

“Music has no borders, as long as you feel what is inside the music inside you,” Wen Shang Yi, front man and guitarist for Mayday, said in Mandarin at a press conference in Richmond yesterday.

Mayday’s show is part of the 18th annual Taiwanese Cultural Festival.

The English title of their 2007 album and latest single is Jump, and its message is “just drop your image, be crazy,” said Yi.

Mayday’s image is clean-cut and fashionable. Their music is high-energy, melodic rock ‘n’ roll, that isn’t very different from any North American pop-rock band, except for the language of the vocals.

“Taiwanese music has a lot of influence from Japan, and Japan gets a lot of its influence from Western culture,” said Crystal Hung, a Mayday fan and organizer for the ExplorASIAN festival in Vancouver.

Unlike some Western boy bands, Mayday is “not the kind of band that has been packaged that can’t sing and they can’t play — they’re pretty good,” according to Hung.

The Taiwanese Cultural Festival runs from Sept. 1-3 at the Plaza of Nations.

Long trip

  • Mayday’s Vancouver show comes near the end of their world tour, which has included performances in Asia and stops in Los Angeles and Toronto.