This weekend, the moon is going to be bigger than ever!

Saturday night's moon will be the largest in almost 20 years, as the celestial sidekick reaches perigee, the nearest point to earth in its orbit, only 50 minutes after it officially becomes a full moon. This combined coincidence will produce what's informally known as a 'supermoon,' 14% larger, 30% brighter and 200% (that's an estimate) more powerful than your normal, everyday moon.

If you're worried that moon's going to get a big head this weekend, here are some moon jokes to bring it down a few notches:


»"Hey moon, why so bloated today?"

»"Holy crap, moon, you are looking pale! Get some sun, man! ... Oh, that's right. You can't."

»"Nice work on the perigee, moon! High-five! Oh, what's that? You can't reach my hand because you're still 211,600 miles away? Bummer."

»"You know what's weird? When I squint, you kind of look like a wrinkled old man!"

»"Hey, we should totally hang out soon! People come over to your place all the time, right? What's that? Nobody's been over since 1972? That's so strange. I can't imagine why that would be."

»"I liked you better when you were at apogee."

That's all we've got. Stay safe, everybody!

(via The Washington Post)
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