Would you put your hand in a pool filled with sharks and stingrays?

Starting Friday, visitors at the Toronto Zoo will get a chance to be up close and personal with two of marine life’s most fascinating creatures.

The zoo has taken its stingray exhibit to the next level by adding sharks to the mix in its Stingray Bay exhibit.

Crowds of curious visitors are expected to flock to the exhibit this season. Natalie Sacks, a supervisor for the exhibit, said guests were impressed with the showcase when it opened with just the stingrays last year.

“It’s unique because people get to touch the animals and interact with them,” Sacks said yesterday while Fran, a nurse shark, cruised by the edge of the low-sided pool.

Visitors hoping to conquer their fears of sea creatures that are known for their stings and sharp teeth must have a quick hand wash and remove all jewelry before they are permitted to gently touch the eight sharks and more than two dozen stingrays while they swim around in a massive pool filled with saltwater.

Sacks added the exhibit is perfectly safe because the stingrays’ potentially dangerous barbs have been removed and the sharks are not aggressive, plus, they are well fed and trained to interact with humans.

The exhibit runs until October and costs an extra $3 on top of general admission.