Susan Frakas woke up in her Toronto home with a sinking feeling the day after the bodies of three New Brunswick soldiers killed in Afghanistan came home. She felt anxious and on edge.

Her son, Tim Day, has been in Afghanistan since Sept. 5.

“I felt I needed to talk to someone and get it all out,” said Fracas.

She felt much better after calling the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre at Downsview Park and speaking at length to a counsellor — one of many services provided by the centre, a charitable organization that lives by fundraising.

“Fundraising is a big aspect with our organization. It’s the only way we support military families from Oakville to Oshawa and Borden,” says executive director Susan Tom.

A fat chunk of this fiscal year’s goal of raising $30,000 to $40,000 by March 31 will come from sales of a special Afghan Mission watch.

“The campaign has been a big help,” said Tom. “When you buy and wear that watch, it shows support for the troops who are overseas and their families who struggle with different emotions,” she said.