Darth Vader would hardly be intimidating without the dark, impending music of the Imperial March. And Jaws would seem tame without the ominous score.

Ever since filmmakers figured out how to add sound to movies, the two have been intertwined.

For 30 examples of music in movies see the Atlantic Film Festival, which starts tonight — with a musical.

“It just turned out this year we have a number of films that have a music theme to them,” said Andrea Dawson Thomas, the festival’s director of operations.

“Music has an incredible impact on a film and can help the filmmaker tell a story. Film and music compliment one another,” she said.

The Movie is Broken, Do It Again, and Gainsbourg are a few examples of the music-centred movies on tap for the next 10 days.

John Walker, a Halifax director, walked away from a career in drumming to become a filmmaker, but his latest documentary, A Drummer’s Dream, combines his two passions. It follows seven master drummers in a drum camp in rural Ontario.

“It’s not just for drummers, it’s a real life lesson,” Walker said of his film which takes to the big screen tomorrow night at Empire Park Lane.

“People just fall in love with the characters because they’re so diverse.”

Walker, a previous winner at the film fest for best director, said he loves his hometown festival.

“I like the size of the Atlantic Festival, some of the larger festivals are just overwhelming,” he said.