Developer Ben McCrea has a final message to the Heritage Trust — do you want a building or a parking lot?

There’s only one possible hurdle left for McCrea’s waterside development. Council originally voted to block it, but the vote was overturned by the Utility and Review Board.

This week, council announced it would not appeal that decision.


But the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, an intervener in the hearings, could still launch an appeal.

McCrea said if he isn’t able to build the new development in the current O’Carroll’s site, then the building will have to be demolished.

“Anything that removes from my company and me the ominous prospect of having to demolish heritage buildings I’m pleased with,” he said.

“Everyone should now recognize, even (Heritage Trust president Phil Pacey), that there are only in fact two alternatives … if you refuse this development then the only consequence can be demolition.”

McCrea said Pacey disseminated misinformation to council — “whether purposeful or from a lack of knowledge” — that contributed to the original vote to block the development.

The Heritage Trust has not yet decided whether it will appeal the decision.

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