OTTAWA - The campaign for mayor of the nation's capital is a two-man
race between a former mayor and provincial cabinet minister and an
incumbent who spent much of his first term fighting criminal charges.

And a new poll suggests the challenger has the edge.

Harris-Decima survey done exclusively for The Canadian Press found 29
per cent of respondents said they would back challenger Jim Watson in
the Oct. 25 municipal vote, while 22 per cent said they're for
incumbent Larry O'Brien.


There are at least 14 candidates
running for the city's top job, but it's Watson, 48, and O'Brien, 60,
who are consistently out front in public opinion polls, with Watson
holding a decided lead in most opinion polls.

The latest
telephone survey of 501 Ottawa residents was conducted July 2-4,
immediately after O'Brien announced he would run for re-election
following his crowning achievement - a closely watched vote to develop
the city's dormant football stadium and surrounding parkland.

sample that size in a city the size of Ottawa - with just under a
million people - is considered accurate within 4.4 percentage points,
19 times in 20.

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