When it comes to cleaning around the house, adding some green to your routine is easier than you might think. From reducing unnecessary waste, to using products that are less harmful to the Earth, you can help clean up the environment while cleaning up your house.

Consider the following environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

Laundry room
>> When washing clothes, use concentrated detergent and bleach — such as Ultra Javex Bleach by Clorox — that come in a smaller container and require a reduced dose per load. Doing so will result in fewer bottles being used, which will in turn help reduce unnecessary waste.

>> To cut down on water use, do one large load of laundry rather than multiple small loads.

>> Wash clothes in cold water.


>> Use bleach-based cleaners on clean hard, non-porous surfaces around the house. Bleach is an effective cleaner and it breaks down mostly to salt and water during use and disposal.

>> Use bleaches that are made with sodium hypochlorite for effective household cleaning and laundry whitening. These bleaches are multi-purpose, whereas bleaches made with hydrogen peroxide are limited to laundry use only.

>> When cleaning countertops and fixtures, use reusable cloths or rags rather than disposable paper towels.