Voice calls are on the decline as younger people increasingly opt for texting.

Calling is not as cost-effective or quick, said Mason Yeh, manager at Skynet Fido on Granville Street.

“The top priority is texting with about 75 per cent of the customers who come here,” he said.

The New York Times reported that U.S. cell networks now carry more data than voice traffic and the length of cellphone calls has been shrinking since 2007.

“With phone plans, a lot of minutes get expensive, but unlimited text message packages can run at about $25,” said Yeh.

Anne-Julie Gratton, a spokesperson for Telus, said that when companies reach out to young people, they encourage them to text.

“With charities like the Mobile Giving Foundation and reality shows like Canadian Idol where you text your vote, it really gives people incentive,” she said.

“It was a younger generation thing, but now we even communicate with customers by text to flag their usage.”