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We asked: How will you remember Canada?

Metro asked Afghans how they will remember Canada.

Lotfullah Najafizada, 24

Journalist at Tolo TV, Kabul

“Canada has made a huge sacrifice in Afghanistan in the last decade. It has helped the Afghan people during a very tough time. We would remember Canada’s support and assistance not for 10 or 20 years, but for many, many decades. Canada has a reputation as an honest and supportive friend in Afghanistan."

Bibi Zhilla Jawid, 23

Senior finance assistant, UNICEF Kandahar Office

“Our family returned to Kandahar from Pakistan in 2003. We were poor, so I needed to work ... The only way I could study was at night school, but there were no female students. I will never forget the day in 2007 when I got the chance to enrol in a school supported by Canada, the Afghan Canadian Community Centre in Kandahar. I took English classes there and the people were kind. I then graduated, with 11 other girls, in business management, and that is the greatest gift that Canada could give me. I was given my certificate in front of everyone. For this, we’ll remember Canada in our hearts.”

Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Faqeerzai, 35

Surgeon at Aliabad Teaching Hospital, Kabul

“The people of Afghanistan really appreciate the efforts of Canadians towards the rehabilitation of our country. Despite having thousands of Canadian Forces in addition to the other international forces, our security is getting worse. Poppy cultivation and trafficking is still happening. The people do not feel safe even in the capital. Nevertheless the people of Afghanistan will remember the Canadians, especially as they continue to build the capacity of the Afghan National Army, and especially if they help build this country into something sustainable.”

Homa Sorouri, 32

Human resources development director, Kabul

“Canada was one of the first countries who left Afghans mid-conflict, in 2011. Canada reminds me of Kandahar because of their overall focus on rebuilding Kandahar. As a Kabul resident, of course I cannot comment on how they have done the job, but I know that Canadians were big advocates of women’s rights. In all the projects they funded they were concerned with gender issues. Canadians seem to be friendly people.”

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