Women ski jumpers have
filed an appeal that keeps alive their fading chances of taking part in the
2010 Winter Olympics.

“It’s not over,” Deedee
Corradini, president of Women’s Ski Jump-USA and spokesperson for the group,
said on Thursday. “We took a few days for our lawyers to review last week’s
judgment and to canvass our plaintiffs to see what everyone thought and now
we’re ready to continue our fight to get the women in to 2010.”


Last week, the B.C.
Supreme Court ruled it couldn’t force the International Olympic Committee to
allow the women to jump.

Ross Clark, the lawyer representing the women, said the appeal will be based on
the argument that VANOC must host the Games in accordance with the Charter of
Rights and Freedoms.

“It cannot host events on
Canadian soil that implement discrimination,” Clark said.

Highly ranked Canadian jumper Katie Willis says she
is “thrilled” the fight is still on.

“We were so disheartened by last week’s decision, but we’re competitors: we
won’t give up,” Willis said.

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