1) These socks look good even with his slippers.
J.Crew camp socks, $17, www.jcrew.com

2) Warning: Game night might always be at his place with this sweet vintage-style poker set. Monte Carlo Poker, $149, www.restorationhardware.com


3) What will your prepster love more than his oxfords? This cult fashion book, which was shot in 1965 when four Japanese “style enthusiasts” traveled the campuses of American Ivy League universities in order to capture the essence of preppy style. Take Ivy, $25, www.powerhousearena.com

4) Even the au naturel boys will love dousing themselves with Creed Imerial Millesime, which is light enough to be worn by both men and women — in other words, a gift for you, too. Creed Imperial Millesime $225, www.creedboutique.com

5) This lightweight pouch contains over a dozen first-aid essentials for any possible tumbles your cyclists could take. Bike medic, $18, www.restorationhardware.com

6) Skinny ties for any occasion. $69 each, www.clubmonaco.com

7) History buffs and cinephiles alike will be in awe of this Emmy-winning miniseries from producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The 10-part drama breathtakingly chronicles the experience of the U.S. Marines who fought in the Pacific Theater. “The Pacific,” $57, www.amazon.com

8) Help step up his swagger with these stylish retro shades. The Lomis by Raen Optics, $105, www.needsupply.com

9) Hint, hint: You want more weekend getaways. Jack Spade bleacher plaid ajax duffle, $276, www.jackspade.com

10) His sport vest gets a hip update with a touch of red and black checks. American Living for JCPenney vest, $40, www.jcpenney.com

11) Is it a new fancy mp3 player? Nope. This sleek gadget is actually a printer, featuring “whisper-quiet” operation and a touchscreen display. Another bonus for your eco-conscious hard worker: The Energy Star-qualified model is the planet’s first PVC-free printer. HP ENVY100 e-All-in-One, $249, www.hp.com

12) You’re the Bonnie to his Clyde. This convenient disposable flask fits comfortably in his pocket or jacket for free booze at an overpriced concert or camp site. $3, www.disposableflasks.com

13) He can enjoy all-new levels and all-new Bond villains with the updated version of this classic game. Goldeneye 007 Nintendo Wii, $50, www.goldeneyegame.com

14) This design classic gets a masculine update with a black frame and walnut finishes. Eames Hang-It-All, Limited Edition, $249, www.dwr.com

15) Kinda like getting a personal trainer for the runner in your life, this wrist unit creates a training program, sets new weekly targets, gives feedback and measures fitness and progress. But it won’t judge the holes in his track pants. Polar FT60, $220, www.shoppolar.com

16) Your music-lover will geek out. This super soft T-shirt features a never- before-seen image from Sony’s Music Archives — and comes with a code for a playlist of Dylan’s music, as well as background info on the image. Archive 1887 Bob Dylan Harmonica, $58, www.archive1887.com

17) Jigga what? Jigga who? Jay-Z is one cool cat. Help your boy pick up pointers from the best with the musings of his hip-hop idol. “Decoded” $18, www.amazon.com

18) Sometimes shoes do make the man. And the one wearing these is taking you out to dinner. Cole Haan Air Liam Chukka, $228, www.colehaan.com

19) This handmade, old-school razor doesn’t just look regal, it’s designed specifically to keep the blade from knicking your loved one, keeping him looking his best, too.
Grooming lounge double-edge safety razor, $79, www.groominglounge.com

20) He can dress up this sophisticated sweater with slacks — or just as easily keep it casual with some Converse. Ben Sherman sweater, $129, www.benshermanusa.com

21) Now this is beer pairing — the design of these four glasses helps to make his specialty brew taste better. Spiegelau Beer Connois­seur Kit, $50, www.amazon.com

22) This masculine, handmade leather cuff gives him some downtown edge. $55,

23) Snowflakes need to appear somewhere. And nothing says winter wonderland like a little Fair Isle action. Man mittens, $25, www.frenchconnection.com

24) Time for him to play Don Draper again. Nambe Mikko ice bucket with tongs, $125, www.nambe.com

25) Even on New Year’s Eve, you can’t get him to order anything but a pint of his favorite brew. This holiday season, Sam Adams uncorks Infinium, a crisp, new champagne-like beer. Let the toasting begin! Infinium, $20 per 750 bottle, www.samueladams.com

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