Several years after the fall of Voldemort — and the flight of the remaining Death Eaters to Brazil — newly Certified Public Accountant Harold J. Potter has finally started to settle down into a normal, almost Muggle-ish life.

He and his new bride Ginny Weasley, flush with excitement over the birth of their first son James Sirius Potter, now battled nothing more sinister than the occasional dirty, levitating diaper.

It seemed as though peace and contentment had finally come to Harold and his friends.

That is until, one day, Harold was sent on a business trip to the Ministry of Magic.

There he was informed that, through a complicated series of risky dragon scale default swaps and unregulated wand sales to nonmagical beings, the very economic foundation of their magical world was in jeopardy.

And worse, it was revealed to Harold that the new Minister of Magic — Harold’s old Quidditch teammate Oliver Wood — had just been found brutally murdered in a Slytherin dormitory at Hogwarts.

Upon hearing the news, Harold’s thoughts immediately turned to Voldemort, the only being capable of such effortless cruelty.

But then the terrified Ministers told Harold the name that had been scratched into the skin of poor Oliver, and Harold knew that he faced a new enemy.

The name scratched into Wood’s body, the ministers told Harry, was...Mrs. Norris.