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When spring blossoms come out, you know legions of panicked brides aren’t far behind. Angel Pui designed, a website that helps brides better plan their big day with the help of friends and family.


The days of wedding planning nightmares and bridezilla meltdowns may be numbered, thanks to an innovative website created by Vancouver entrepreneur Angel Pui.

Last summer Pui, an interactive wedding planning site that lets brides and their fiancés, moms and friends help organize the big day together.

“People don’t understand how much work is involved in wedding planning,” said Pui, 25. “All the little details are what stress people out.”

Pui became involved in the industry after finishing studies in fashion design in the United Kingdom. When she returned to Vancouver she worked at a bridal store.

“(Dress) fitting is such a personal thing,” she said. “You start talking about things — little (family) politics and the organization process ... I thought of these small problems, and it inspired me to go online to find solutions for them. I thought, ‘There must be a way to create an organizing system that involves everyone in the party.’ “

She did some research and found there was nothing online to help wedding parties co-ordinate and communicate in one place.

“The reality of wedding planning is group planning,” said Pui. “Excel sheets aren’t interactive. They don’t fit today’s girl’s way of planning. Everything nowadays is online.”

After a year of research and development, Pui launched in June 2006. On the site, brides, grooms and wedding planners sign up and can add other planners, like mothers and bridesmaids. From there they can plan events, delegate tasks, and communicate as a group.

The site lists and rates merchants, so couples can find florists and bakers in their area and compare prices. A budget calculator lets the couple know where they stand financially.

“If anything it makes an organized person even more organized. And if she’s not organized it gives them guidelines. It’s easy. Everything’s a click away.”

Pui says she helped plan a friend’s wedding, and it was a nightmare because of all the stress her friend was under. “Even the nicest girl will snap,” she notes.

She said she has seen brides lose it over ribbon width, quarter-inch adjustments on wedding dresses and the size of rose petals.

“All of these little decisions seem like the end of the world (to a bride). Minute details are so important for them.”

Pui added that the top five most common problems in wedding planning are miscommunication, not finishing tasks, problems with vendors, being over budget and brides simply being so overwhelmed that they just can’t function.

“We’ve almost designed the program around those problems,” she said. “I can’t imagine other people not thinking about this sooner. It just makes sense ... Brides aren’t going to freak out when they see everything coming together. It just covers everybody’s needs.”