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Weddings aren't just expensive for the happy couple

Find out how much it costs the average person to go to a wedding and how much to spend on a gift.

Money love Whoever said love is free was never invited to a wedding. Credit: Colourbox

Even if you are already married or single and plan on staying that way, you might want to start a wedding fund; the cost of being a part of your friends' celebration of lifelong love is a costly one. Because we know you'll inevitablybe at a brunch sometime in the near future where your friends are complaining about how expensive it is to go to a wedding, here are some stats you can casually contribute to the conversation:

$28,400:Average a couple spends on a wedding, not including the engagement ring and honeymoon, according to TheKnot.com.


$3,000:The average price of an open bar for a wedding, reports HowStuffWorks.com.

$592: Average cost a wedding guest spends (not including the gift), according to the results of an American Express survey.

$109: Average amount a person spends on a wedding gift for a friend, the same survey found.

$200: Average amount a person spends on a wedding gift for a family member, according to American Express.

$66: Average amount someone spends on a gift for a coworker getting married, the same survey found.

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