So, you’ve decided to move but you’re not sure where to. Here are, generally speaking, the best reasons associated with each area. Remember, these are only the most logical and common reasons and, of course, exceptions are always possible.


Downtown T.O.

Most people who live here are “young professionals,” either single or with a significant other and, most commonly, without kids. The reasons for this demographic include the fact that housing — condos — is relatively inexpensive and in abundance. There is also a certain appeal and prestige associated with living downtown, not to mention the convenience of being right where the action is. Or, as in the case of King West, being close enough to the action without being too close. There is also the higher likelihood that your job may be downtown.



When I say Markham, I mean north of the 407, because that’s where you want to be if you’re in Markham. This area is quickly becoming the alternative to downtown for the otherwise downtown-condo settlers. The attraction is relative convenience to downtown, via highway and especially via GO, the affordable housing coupled with very good appreciation and the appeal of having a house rather than a smaller condo. In addition to the younger generation, Markham is home to growing families as well as those who have lived in Markham their entire lives.



In many ways, this community is where north Markham was five years ago. Considered too far by most, but representing good housing, good value and great potential. A nicer and friendlier area you’d be hard-pressed to find. The reality is that Stouffville will always be that much farther from the heart that is downtown Toronto. However, it still has a large upside for the right people.


North York

Perhaps the best overall value the GTA has to offer, homebuyers in North York will likely take advantage of the affordability of condos and condo-towns in the area. In terms of convenience and affordability compared to downtown condos, this area has a lot to offer. The city is spending countless dollars towards fixing the area up, and many fine quality condos are available, not to mention the vast entertainment district that is quickly arising. Convenience-wise, you could work virtually anywhere and you’d still be pretty close. The demographic is much like downtown Toronto. Overall, a very wise place to live.

So, what about Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Vaughan, Young and Eglinton? Stay tuned next time!

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