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WEIRD: Pet crab casually eats a bowl of noodles (VIDEO)

Just a crab eating a bowl of noodles. No big deal.

From time to time, we allow our pets to enjoy human food. It's not uncommon to let our cats lick the bowl of finished ice cream, or have our dogs finish what's left on our dinner plate.

Somewhere on this great planet, a crab enjoys eating noodles with its claws.

In this weird video, Youtube user 떡볶이 (Toppokki) uploaded a video of a pet crab casually enjoying a bowl of NaengMyun (Korean noodles). The crab uses both front claws to bring the noodles to its mouth.


We suspect the crab is trying to bulk-up on carbs.

Crab eats noodles, gif, what, funny, funny picture, reddit, carbs, carbohydrates, omg, wtfA crab enjoys a bowl of Korean noodles.

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