With the New Year comes a new look and feel for metronews.ca. Here's what we've been up to.

We've completely redesigned the homepage of metronews.ca to help you find what you need to know even more quickly and easily. You can choose what headlines you want to look at: today's top stories chosen by us, the most popular articles on the site, or the latest breaking headlines from a variety of trusted sources including our own Metro news rooms across the country in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.

You can also choose The Metro Snapshot, which gives you a daily roundup of what's going on in our own country and around the world. It's a quick daily read that gives you what you need to know fast with links to each story to find out more.

In the same vein, the daily MetroTube is the video you need to see today. Funny or tragic, real or fake, it's the video that everyone's talking about and that you don't want to miss.

A new header on each page makes it easier to browse through all of our content. Roll your mouse over each section name in the main navigation to see a preview of the articles, columns, blogs, movies or games that are found within.

You can now see all of the latest movie releases from the homepage as well as from the main navigation. Metro loves movies so we've put together everything you need to pick a flick in one place - trailers, showtimes, our Metro movie review, and a photo gallery. You can even click to buy tickets right from our site (where available).

We've introduced a blogs section with a number of national and local bloggers. Check out Steve Gow's latest Hollywood Rant, read about Jerad Gallinger's Political Stripes, or find out why Victoria Handysides sometimes thinks that "Love Bytes."

All of our sections, columnists and blogs now have their own RSS feed. Simply put, RSS is a great way to easily keep up to date on content without having to constantly check the website or fill up your email inbox. You can add our RSS feeds to a personalized homepage (like iGoogle or My Yahoo!) or get them in an RSS feed reader. To start, click on any of the RSS icons throughout this website.

And there's more to come. Keep checking back for more ways to access and interact with Metro content. In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think about the new site.

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