Caseworker skimmed money meant for clients

A Toronto welfare caseworker has pleaded guilty to skimming $29,000 meant for recipients and depositing it into her own bank account.


Tammy Sylvester, 36, siphoned the money between February 2004 and March 2005, according to an agreed statement of facts read into the record by Crown prosecutor Roy Beresowsky yesterday.


“Ms. Sylvester falsified a number of client files,” Beresowsky told Superior Court Justice John McMahon.


The employee of Toronto’s department of community and neighbourhood services went into the computer system and changed bank information for several welfare recipients, Beresowsky said.


She diverted funds to her own bank account and those of two friends, who, in turn, directed the money to her, court heard.

She repeated the fraud 25 times, Beresowsky said.

None of the $29,000 has been recovered.

Sentencing was put over to Sept. 12.