With well-designed suites and some smart furnishing, R Condos sets out to prove that even small spaces can be spacious, modern and fresh.

Located just south of Don Mills Road and Lawrence Avenue and built by Camrost-Felcorp, R Condos looks to attract scores of first-time buyers and empty nesters with suites that highlight the importance of a retreat from the push and pull of everyday concerns.

Decor specialist Enza Checchia outfitted the model suite to showcase how much style and space can be achieved with the right layout and furnishing choices.

Despite weighing in at a footage-frugal 578 square feet, the model suite features full-size furniture with seating for five in the TV area and dining for four plus two or three more at the large, peninsula kitchen island. It may sound impossible but Checchia says with proper placement of furniture even a smaller suite can feel spacious.

“What we wanted to do was show people that when the space is appointed well, size doesn’t matter,” Checchia said.

Delicious-looking layered creams and rich chocolate browns dominate the colour palette with touches of endive green to create a fresh, welcoming space meant to elicit a sense of a refuge from the everyday.

“When you get in the door after a long, busy day, everything just clears to give you a second wind. All around you is a very fresh, comfortable feeling. That’s what we were going for,” Checchia said.

Floor-to-ceiling windows strengthen the airy, open effect and the engineered hardwood flooring adds a responsive touch of comfort.

The kitchen makes the most of the visuals, juxtaposing lush brown cabinetry with a granite countertop textured in a subtle cookies-and-cream pattern lifted by an undertone of delicate green while black appliances endear a modern sensibility.

The bedroom continues the theme with chocolate-coloured furniture finished in an elegant sheen and multi-textured fabrics including satin and black pile to ensure a sense of comfort which stays classy.

“More often than not, people do want some elegance and formality in the bedroom,” Checchia said.

Suites at R Condos range from 544 to 1,046 square feet and prices start at $200,900. For more information, visit www.redhotcondos.ca.

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