West-coast fever will be taking over the nation's capital when BC Scene rolls into town and sets up shop all over Ottawa starting April 21.


The National Arts Centre has invited the best of British Columbia's art and culture — including more than 600 performers and 90 events spanning music, theatre, visual arts, dance and culinary arts — to the city.


"The arts scene in British Columbia is incredibly vibrant and passionate," said Heather Moore, producer and executive director of BC Scene. "To be able to showcase these artists to new audiences is an enormous privilege and a reason for all of us to celebrate."


BC Scene will remain in Ottawa until May 24. Events include musical performances, art exhibits, film screenings, food tastings and Swarm — a free kickoff event on April 21 that will allow participants to travel in groups between eight galleries in Ottawa and Gatineau either by foot, bike, car, or a free shuttle. The event concludes with an after-party at SAW Gallery where performances continue.


Events will take place at a variety of venues such as City Hall Art Gallery, Library and Archives Canada and The National Gallery of Canada.

Notable artists include singer Diana Krall, chef Melissa Craig, and author, artist and professor Ashok Mathur.