Kanye West credits his dad for his risk-taking attitude.

“I like the challenge of having to win people over with a new concept,” West said in a recent interview.

“My father (Ray West) was a salesman. And I saw him have to talk people into things and expose people to new ideas all the time. And I like that. What’s the point if you’re not presenting something new to people, that people might not be ready for, and exposing people to new ideas?”

Expect new theatrical ideas when West takes to the road this summer. West will launch a European tour featuring his latest album, 808s & Heartbreak, in July and expects the tour to hit the United States by fall.

Speaking on the set of a recent video shoot for his friend 88-Keys’ Stay Up (Viagra), West said he was excited to find new ways to blend his songs together.

“Being on stage, it’s the glory,” West said.

The producer-turned-rapper-turned-singer has consulted with many of the same people who helped inspire staging for his last set of shows, the Glow in the Dark Tour. They include filmmaker Spike Jonze, who directed West’s upcoming See You In My Nightmares video, and The Jim Henson Company.