Calgary’s West LRT leg appears poised to proceed as planned.

The city’s land use, planning and transportation committee yesterday gave the green light to all five recommendations and four amendments, including ones by aldermen John Mar and Joe Connelly for an at-grade station for Sunalta and a $50,000 traffic study for the intersection of 17 Avenue and 45 Street SW.

This was all done after about five hours down the back-third of a marathon meeting, which initially kicked-off last week with a 12-hour session dominated by citizen concerns over safety and elevated lines.


Approved was a revision that would send the new route, at-grade, through the median of Bow Trail from 19 Street SW to 33 Street SW, boosting the total cost to $716 million, while also adding an extra eastbound lane to Bow Trail and getting rid of the much-maligned elevated portions of track.

Mar, who lobbied for an independent review of three separate alignment options, said it was a bittersweet day, but one that should keep the project on track.

“What we’ve arrived at now is a compromise that I think most people will be able to live with,” he said.