Bass reverberated from the subwoofer of one of the 20,000 cars that pass Dominic Bracci’s house on Sierra Morena Boulevard every day, as he tried to explain his frustration.

Bracci and his neighbours, fed up with the constant stream of cars pouring into Westhills, put out signs that read, “Imagine 20,000 cars a day driving through your neighbourhood. Consider another route.”

“It’s just steady, one car after another,” said Bracci. “We can’t even cross the street.”

It has gotten so bad some people on the street have chosen to sell their homes. Bracci and neighbours like Jack O’Brien hope it doesn’t come to that.

“All we’re trying to do for now is raise awareness among the people taking the shortcut that we aren’t living a normal life here,” said O’Brien.

Bracci said when he moved into his house in 1992, anything west was pasture.

Although the city said to expect a traffic increase, its predictions were half the current traffic volume.

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