One by one, over the course of a day, high school students came into English teacher Anna-Price Farago’s classroom to choose a sentence, come up with a tune, or a rap, and lend their voices to a video for Weston Collegiate Institute’s Black History Month assembly.

The result is a deeply moving six-minute “Obama video” that meshes the voices of the students with chosen moments from the U.S. president’s Jan. 20 inauguration speech.

When the school watched it during the assembly they were moved to tears, said Devante Burey, a Grade 11 student who raps in the video.

“Everyone was silent, and some of the teachers were crying,” said Burey. “At Weston, silence means a good thing.”

Their goal now is to get W2W, or “Weston to the White House,” and to have Obama view the video.