A blockade set up by more than two dozen protesters amid allegations of racism has ended on a rural road in Westphal.

The blockade began Monday when some protesters alleged that residents of North Preston, a predominantly black community, were being denied access to a shortcut around a nearby construction site because of racism.

The residents pointed out that a group of 10 white families living near the construction site at Lake Major had access to a private, former logging road to reach the nearest highway.

However, they said the 2,000 residents of North Preston - about five kilometres away - did not.

David Hendsbee, the municipal councillor who represents the area, says the blockade ended after the protesters met with himself, the mayor, business owners and the road's owners.

Instead of opening up the shortcut to the protesters, Hendsbee says the road's owners have decided to restrict access to everyone but themselves and emergency vehicles.

The road will also be used as an emergency evacuation route, if needed.