“I look better naked,” boasted T-shirts being sold at Alive’s vendor tent during Calgary’s 19th annual 4th Street Lilac Festival yesterday.

The vendors themselves, however, were under a white tarp, and sported hoodies instead of baring any skin.

“This might be a little wet,” said Alive personal trainer Damir Mulalic, as he handed a draw ballot to a visitor.


It was Mulalic’s first time at the festival, but he was enjoying himself.

“There are all these die-hard people here,” he said. However, the company did have plans for a kick-boxing show, that it wasn’t able to put on.

Whitney Huget-Penner and her fiancé, Josh Hoiberg, who live in Bridgeland, said they’ve been going for years and a few raindrops wouldn’t dampen their spirits.

Huget-Penner is from Vancouver and Hoiberg from Ontario, so “rain doesn’t stop us,” she said.

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