The province’s two largest cities have rolled out their wish lists for today’s federal buget announcement and both mayors share a similar theme.

Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier and Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel agree that today’s crucial budget announcement must address municipal infrastructure in each city.

“Edmonton would benefit from more federal government funding for infrastructure projects like expanding our LRT, finishing our overpasses, improving our roads, and building new recreation centres,” Mandel said.

And for Calgary, Bronconnier agrees, saying, “Municipal infrastructure and housing. Those are the two priorities that will keep the economy moving and create jobs, particularly in the housing industry.”

Bronconnier and Mandel agree the investment in infrastructure will not only help build cities better, but also stimulate the economy.

“These are wise and smart investments that are timely and needed that will keep the economy moving and keep us more competitive as a nation,” Bronconnier said.

And Mandel believes “capital investment” creates jobs, when directed to areas that count.

While the cities’ mayors know where they would spend the funding, Premier Ed Stelmach had less to say about money and more about support for the province and for “individual Albertans”

“(Such as) review the cost to small business of credit card transactions, looking at how we can work towards reducing some of our airport fees that are slated to increase about 130 per cent by 2010,” Stelmach told reporters on Friday.

Scott Hennig from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation would be happy to see a “spending reduction” overall.

“We’d like broad-based tax relief and fewer tax brackets. And ultimately, our No. 1 priority will be doing all that with a balanced budget,” Hennig added.