California, despite its propensity for cars, was the third-worst state for drivingWikimedia Commons

As the holidays approach and winter weather threatens driving conditions, insurance siteQuoteWizardused its own incident data, along withFederal Highway Administration fatality stats, to find out the best and worst U.S. states for drivers.

Driving ability wasn't isolated to a geographical area withRhode Island, Florida, Michigan and Mississippi taking the top five spots.

With "extremely low fatalities per licensed drivers combined with good scores across the board," Rhode Island came out on top, according to QuoteWizard. Though its small size could be factor, fellow tiny state Delaware was in the bottom 20.

Florida, which has its share of stereotypes, doesn't count among them careful drivers. But the sunshine stateactually gets fewer citations than Rhode Island. Its high fatalities, however, kept Florida from the number one spot.


On the other end of the scale, Utah, California, Virginia, Maine and Nebraska were the five worst states for driving ability.

Despite its Mormon population, Utah made the top 10 for DUIs, andscoredsecond in the rankings for both accidents and speeding.

Though bad driving behaviors were spread out throughout the country, QuoteWizard found —through the state electoral results from the 2016 presidential election — that Republican-leaning states had better drivers than Democratic ones. "Democrat-leaning states on average come in behind Republican states in terms of accidents, speeding, DUIs, fatalitiesand citations overall."

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