Christian Jacobs is the co-creator of children’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba” and voice of Plex. He’s also the frontman for The Aquabats, who have a new album, “Hi-Five Soup,” out this week.

Name a few things to be happy about.

My kids, surfing, warm summer days, making my wife laugh ... it’s pretty tricky!

On your worst days, what tricks do you use to appear cheery?

I don’t really have any tricks. If I am having a bad day, everyone knows it. I probably am cheery so much that I run out of cheer once or twice a year ... and then, look out! I just need to disengage on those days: alone time, go surfing by myself, paint a picture by myself. Get lonely so it makes me appreciate company.

What should I tell myself when I’m feeling blue?

“Grow up, baby brain.” Seriously, though, watch “Ghandi” or “Hotel Rwanda” or “The Killing Fields” when you’re depressed and realize things could be so much worse. Remember your place in the universe and go help somebody else. Forget about yourself by serving someone else and your depression will go away. I swear.

Tell us, please, Seth Rogen, Ke$ha and Cameron Diaz — how do you stay so into life?

What makes you happy?

Rogen: “Hanging out with my friends and family, I enjoy. And my girlfriend, and eating delicious food, I enjoy. I also like watching movies. I’m a movie fan, and other people’s movies make me happy. So I’m glad that my movies do that, too — or so people claim.”

Diaz: “I love traveling and being with my friends and my family. And also, as Seth said, to watch movies that make you happy. ‘Oh, I’ll pop in Princess Bride.’ I actually get that a lot with ‘The Holiday.’ People are always like, ‘I always watch that movie when I’m sad.’”

On your worst days, what tricks do you use to appear cheery?

Ke$ha: “Blue lipstick, glitter and a big smile to show off my sweet gold tooth.”

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