Your nails are a barometer of your health. Nutritionist Michele Kingston says to watch out for the following health warnings:


Dry and brittle nails
Could be indicative of an essential fatty acid deficiency. Increase your intake by adding a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your salads every day and eating two to three portions of oily fish such as salmon, sardines or herring each week.


Soft and peeling
Peeling nails can be a sign of calcium deficiency — but don’t reach for the cheese! The most absorbable form of calcium is from dark green leafy vegetables.


Vertical ridge
Indicate general nutrient deficiencies, so cut out alcohol and smoking, which deplete your body of essential vitamins and minerals and eat lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.


Horizontal ridges
Indicate an under active thyroid so increase selenium, zinc and iodine in your diet

White spots
If you have several white marks on your nails you are possibly lacking in zinc so make sure include lots of nuts, seeds, seafood, lentils and brown rice in your diet.