Put down your phasers, Star Trek fans.

If you really want to stun the Trekkie of your affections, try spraying on a little sci-fi scent behind those Vulcan ears.

Riding on the buzz surrounding the science fiction series’ latest movie, online fan merchandise company Genki Wear is selling three new fragrances, the idea of which were met with mixed reviews among Trekkies yesterday at Fan Expo in Toronto yesterday.

Peter Palermo, a 42-year-old college professor, said he would buy the Pon Farr, a scent based on the mating cycle where Vulcans are thrown into blood fever every seven years and can only survive if they passionately make love. Apparently the right choice, as Pon Farr was also Leonard Nimoy’s pick.

“Really?” he said when the Toronto Star told him about the cologne, his eyes lighting up. “Let’s go for that one.”

The second of the three scents is Tiberius, named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk. The online company describes it as a cologne that “embodies bravery and spirit, blending chemistry and emotion.”

Apparently, citron, black pepper and white musk will do that.

And the last scent, Red Shirt, is advertised under the slogan: “Smell like the future, because tomorrow may never come,” referring to the expendable extras who more often than not get killed during a mission.

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