Argonauts running back Ricky Williams


Pardon me, but I was just wondering: IS RICKY WILLIAMS SMOKING SOMETHING OR WHAT?

I mean, what the heck is the Argonauts’ first-year flop talking about in a column this week by Michael Silver? Williams vowed not long ago to refrain from speaking to members of the U.S. media for six months, explaining it this way the other day to Silver: “When I share my truth with the Canadian media, they cover me more in the context of who I am as a person, a spiritual aspirant. When the U.S. media covers me, I am painted with a brush tainted by the American dream that happiness is found through material gain.”


So here’s a question: If Williams isn’t talking to members of the U.S. media, why the heck is he talking to Silver, a member of the U.S. media?

And here’s a comment: I am a member of the Canadian media, last I checked, and I do not care that Williams is a spiritual aspirant, whatever that is. I care that he is a running back for a CFL team, and I care that he is performing lamentably, rushing for six yards against Winnipeg last week. I care that he is overhyped, overrated and underachieving.

• And, while on the subject of Canadian media, I understand exactly what Mike James meant when he complained to Raptors’ employee/talk-show host Chuck Swirsky on The FAN590 this week. Others on the station expressed bewilderment after the interview, but the truth is simple: Reporters in Canada did regurgitate the Raptors’ propaganda that James was a shooting hog who didn’t pass enough.

Well, in truth, James hustled hard and, with Chris Bosh injured, he needed to shoot more. And, yet, he was criticized. I don’t blame him for bolting to Minnesota or for airing his frustrations.

• Swirsky, by the way, had another Raptors’ employee on his show, broadcaster Dan Gladman, saying he was impressed by Toronto’s first draft choice, Andrea Bargnani, at the Vegas Summer League.

And yet here’s what’s Marty Burns had to say about the Italian forward: “Looking a step slow against Boston’s small ball attack, he finished with only 10 points (on 2-of-7 shooting), two rebounds and two assists in 29 minutes as his team got waxed 111-62. Included among his lowlights was an air ball on a three-pointer, a wild pass from the baseline to nobody in particular and the failure to get out of the picture frame on a Gerald Green tomahawk jam.”

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