What? I’m seeing red!







Can you imagine gulping a pint of this stuff?

(OK, we’re guessing that "Guinness Red" will look like this.)

Well, you won’t be able to on this side of the Atlantic unless sales get red hot in Britain. The Sun in the U.K. reports: "The drink will be made from lightly roasted barley and will go on trial at pubs in the U.K. over the next few months." If you’re visiting soon, don’t bother looking for cans or bottles to bring home. It’s draught only.

Guinness rep Katrina Ward says Guinness Red is "a new variant of Guinness, lightly roasted for a rich red colour and a well-balanced bitter sweet character."

The red stuff will be tried at a limited number of pubs. The Sun reports that Britons shell out £1 billion a year, or $2.3 billion, for Guinness, making it the fourth most popular beer there.

No Red Stuff for us, it seems (sniff, sob). Red body, white head, Canada’s national colours. Missed opportunity, I say. Hosers!

Get your money back: Don’t forget to bring back all of your fun bottles — glass, aluminum or tetrapak, beer, wine or spirits — to the Beer Store for a 10 cent to 20 cent refund in the new Ontario initiative.

Robbie Burns: Tonight at The Auld Spot, (Logan & Danforth), starting at 9 p.m., take in the Address To The Haggis over a pint of Caledonian 80/-, from Edinburgh.



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