Good idea to have event insurance: Wedding planner

A destination wedding can help make your special day a glorious slice of paradise, but what happens if nature decides to take some liberties with your little Eden at the wrong time?


Wedding planner Melissa Samborski recommends checking up on your resort’s cancellation policy and ideally taking out some event insurance to protect yourself.


“Some resorts do give you a clause that says if there’s a hurricane, you can come back, and you can also get insurance to cover you,” Samborski said.


If deal-changing events hit, such as strong weather or even political unrest, event co-ordinator Katherine Parris recommends using your judgment and be safe.


“It’s really up to the couple if they want to fit (the wedding) through. Your safety is No. 1 — you can always get married at a later time,” she says.

To avoid other decidedly more preventable disasters, make sure you bone up on the laws and regulations of your chosen country.

Things as simple as signatures on documents can make the biggest difference — Samborski says the worst horror story she heard was of a heterosexual couple who accidentally checked the wrong boxes under “male” and “female” and were told, at their ceremony, they could not be legally married, since the country did not recognize homosexual marriages.

“Get the proper vaccinations for where you’re going, and make sure you find out what’s required,” she adds. “Every place is different — some say you have to be on land for three days before you get married, for example. Legalities in each country differ and knowing them is critical.”

Event planner Cynthia Martin recommends hiring a knowledgeable wedding planner to help you defuse fires.

“If the wedding dress doesn’t show up on the plane, you need someone who has been around, knows your destination and can get a substitute fairly quickly,” Martin says.

A final thing to remember about destination weddings, Samborski says, is that despite the romantic beauty of whatever piece of paradise you choose for your vows, be aware resorts are not the most private of places.

“You get a lot of people gawking at it and your pictures usually include guys with Speedos on in the background — you’re in a resort, not a private area!” Samborski says.