This is a pivotal year for Toronto.

On Oct. 25, Toronto residents will cast their ballots for a mayoral candidate who best aligns with their hopes for the city. Securing Toronto’s place on the world stage will take a mayor who is firmly looking toward the future.

The Toronto Community Foundation, which has published Toronto’s Vital Signs — an annual snapshot of Toronto’s quality of life — since 2001, is a non-profit group created to make the city a more livable place. The foundation asked this year’s mayoral candidates the fundamental question: What is your vision for Toronto under your leadership?

While the goal was to reach all candidates, contact information was only available for those listed. These were the responses received.

Rocco Achampong
Toronto is its own vision and the coming to pass of an ancient dream had by the first progressive, where all the world is one and at peace.

George Babula
To become one of the most transparent and technologically advanced jurisdictions in the world as related to transit, traffic, and communication with citizens.

I want Toronto to be a compassionate city that respects its citizens and environment. There’s room for everyone in Toronto. An inclusive city that works.

Gerald Derome
We will transform this city into the healthiest, most educated, and environmentally-friendly place on this planet. The rest of the world will follow/join us. I have truths, ideas, plans, faith, and vision!

Diane Devenyi
Effective, accountable, good-willed governance; authentic, inclusive engagement of all people in co-creating vision and decisions; inspired, thriving economy with fulfilling opportunities for all.

Rob Ford
Torontonians pay too much tax. I will lessen the burden families pay and run our city more efficiently to make life more affordable for everyone .

Abdullah-Baquie Ghazi
$60 Metro­pass. Seniors ride TTC always free. Lower property taxes. Charge toll to non-Toronto motorists. “Complete Street” plan with bike lanes. Count votes by hand in public.

Colin Magee
Torontonians have lost confidence in their representatives. By restoring faith in city council the possibilities for Toronto’s future will be endless.

I proclaim Toronto the new mind city, world creativity capital, engaging the wisdom of all nations that call Toronto home. Clean, green, and forward looking!

Joe Pantalone
A green and growing city, a prosperous city, a transit city — where no one is left out, thanks to the great equalizer of public service.

Rocco Rossi
A revitalized, accessible, financially stable Toronto where residents can move, work and live better, with a city hall that they can trust and believe in.

I want an inclusive, livable city we can be proud of — a city that moves and creates jobs, where city hall works for you.

Mark State
Future Torontonians appreciate the legacy of thoughtful planning. We have given them more than had we left, a legacy of hodgepodge development and increased infrastructure.

Tibor Steinberger
Lower mandatory taxes by using more user pay, which gives more choice. Getting rid of poverty by helping to create more jobs. More security, safer Toronto.

Himy Syed
Peoples’ Mayor HiMY SYeD’s “Vision 2020 — Another Toronto IS Possible” 20-year urban strategy embraces mobility + sustainability + identity=where everyone feels and says, “We belong.”

As mayor I would organize a referendum to let Torontonians decide if Toronto should be a province. We need a solution, not a saviour.

Dewitt Lee
My vision for Toronto focuses on community and indi­vidual enrichment and increased investment in the arts to create jobs. I also believe this — Psalms 127:1.

Selwyn Firth
Using science to make the city work better for everyone, not catering to special interest groups. We need co-operation, not division.

Michael Flie
A city without debt, unemployment, or crime, with voters that have confidence in their mayor. Transformation.

John Letonja
Toronto has to run like a business to make new money, not picking taxpayers’ pockets to pay for infrastructure. metro