• Emotional:?Will finish a bar of chocolate when they are upset or sad as they think this will bring them comfort. If they feel nourished by something other than food, they will lose the need for this emotive connection.

• Addictive: Once they have a peanut, they can’t stop and need another. They are easily cured once they identify their “trigger” foods.

• Ignorant: Are overweight and don’t know why as they are careful in terms of what they eat. However, they swear by diet and low calorie products and think potatoes are the healthy vegetables. They need to learn which foods are ok and which are not.

• Habitual:?Will eat whatever is on the table in front of them, good or bad. Their bad habits (junk food, lack of exercise) must be changed into good ones (healthy snacks, daily work out).

• Angry: Will want crunchy, chewy food as chewing helps release the relaxators in the jaw. These eaters must find another way of expressing their anger than swallowing food.

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