Rocco Rossi is the latest mayoral candidate to jump on board the subway expansion train, promising to build two kilometres of track every year over the next decade.

On average, this would mean one station stop per year. The expansion would probably head east off the Sheppard line toward the Scarborough Town Centre, then south to connect with the Danforth line, he said.

The initiative comes with a $4.5-billion price tag — an amount Rossi says the city can afford if it sells Toronto Hydro and other assets, then use that cash to clear the $2.5-billion debt.

“Every year, we spend $450 million to carry that debt. If interest rates rise as forecast, that number will rise, too,” he announced yesterday morning. “If we can agree in this election to sell some of the things we own but no longer need ... we will be at least $450 million a year richer.”

And that, Rossi said, is “by coincidence, the cost of two new kilometres of track and one new station every year.”

“Torontonians want subways, and as their mayor, I will deliver,” Rossi said.

Last year, the province had agreed to invest more than $9 billion in Transit City construction, which will encompass eight new light rail transit lines across the city. But in March, the McGuinty government announced it would be delaying just less than half of that funding.

Rossi has called for a halt to Transit City construction until after the election. But yesterday, he said he wouldn’t scrap it entirely — or turn away the provincial dollars — but it would need modifications he did not explain.

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