Re: “Make life vests the law — Reader’s letter,” May 28:


I read the letter suggesting that wearing life vests be the law.


The arguments put forth were:

1. People are dying; and

2. It would be easier for police and it would save money.


As far as saving money and making it easier to police, I, for one, am unwilling to accept that laws should be changed just to save money and make enforcement a little easier. It is more important that personal freedom and civil liberties be protected than it is to save the police money on this issue.


To the second point: If everyone were to wear life vests and helmets, knee and elbow pads, steel-toe boots and air bags then no one would ever die, right?

Heck, tell everyone that staying at home on their sofa is the safest place to spend their long weekends.

I don’t want to wear a life vest when I’m in a boat and I don’t want the police telling me to. I stopped needing someone to supervise me near water a long time ago.