What’s your money personality? Laurie Campbell, executive director of Credit Canada, a not-for-profit debt and credit counselling charity, slots spenders and savers into five categories.

Take the quiz and see how where you fit.

Step One


  • I’m afraid of running out of money before I die

  • I save money with no specific goal or purpose

  • I don’t improve my standard of living because I don’t want to spend money

  • I often find myself grumbling about the cost of living

If you answered yes to two or more of these then classify yourself as a "tightwad."

Step Two

  • I have haphazard spending habits

  • I feel tomorrow may not come or doesn’t matter so I spend today

  • I don’t save for emergencies, major purchases or the future

  • I have lots of credit available and debt that never seems to diminish

If yes to two or more then your money personality tends to be the "spendthrift."

Step Three

  • I set goals and have a financial plan for the future

  • I have a budget and I make adjustments as my life changes

  • I live within my means

  • I keep my debt to a minimum

Do two or more fit you? If so, you are a "guardian."

Step Four

  • I have big dreams and I’m tempted into get-rich-quick schemes

  • I have no savings and pay for most larger purchases with my credit card

  • I have no budget and don’t track what I spend

  • I like to take financial chances and hope my ship will come in to pay them off

If two or more fit, then you are a "gambler."

Step Five

  • I have financial goals and a general plan

  • I try to make regular RRSPRESP contributions but am not always successful

  • I have moderate to heavy debts but also some savings

  • I believe a budget is a good idea but don’t have one

Two or more nods means that when it comes to money, types you are a "work in progress."

Of course, there’s no black and white in money personality types and most are a mix. But if you don’t like the type you tilt towards, then this little quiz might motivate you to change. You can get help at www.creditcanada.com.