As thrilling as life’s curveballs are, it’s still nice to get a heads-up on what fate has in store.
So I asked clairvoyant Laura Lloyd, who was in town for a recent psychic expo, what my future holds.
I’d already promised myself that good or bad, I wouldn’t take her words to heart. As a reporter, I’m skeptical of anyone who claims to be able to see your future by looking at a stack of tarot cards or the lines on your hand.
But at the same time, I was absolutely dying to hear what she had to say.
Lloyd, who claims to be one of two people in Canada who can see how long people will live, takes my left hand in hers, which is all gold rings and airbrushed nails.
“Here, you have an eight,” she said, drawing the number directly onto my trembling palm. What will the next number be? I realized I’m holding my breath.
“And here you have a seven,” she said. “87.”
When I die, it won’t be by plane, train, or car, she said.
“You have a nice lifeline. I don’t see sudden death. I don’t see Alzheimer’s or cancer. You’ll die of old age.”
Still, I’ll want to go for regular doctor’s checkups and slow down my driving, she warned.
As relieved as I am to not die in a fiery crash, I’m already plotting. If I eat more vegetables, can I extend my expiry date?
Lloyd fans out a deck of tarot cards and I pick 10.
Flipping them over one at a time, she tells me that I’m suspicious (she’s right, but anyone could have deduced that from the look I was probably giving her) that my parents are both intelligent and educated (no one’s going to call their parents otherwise), that I’ll be filthy rich (not likely as long as I stay in this business) and that I’m “not exactly happy in my love life.”
She’s wrong and I tell her so. But maybe she sees something I don’t?
“I don’t see a marriage there,” she insisted.
I’m disappointed, and she senses it.
“Well, wait a little bit,” she said. “When it comes to love, don’t pressure or make demands. By 2010 or 2011, you’ll be married or living with someone. You’ll have two children and you’ll make a wonderful mother. But take your time. You’re impulsive. If you jump into something, you’ll screw up.”

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