Chances are, you’re reading this in the subway, which is appropriate for our subject at hand. “Being jammed up close to people means you’re bound to make eye and physical contact, which are both a turn on,” says sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox, author of “Super Sex for Life.” “If a girl looks a guy straight in the eye, it’s usually because they find them attractive. If they have their butt or arm pressed against them, that’s enough to trigger sex thoughts.”

Oh, also: sex sex sex.

Fifty-four percent of men think about sex several times a day, especially when triggered by the following:

Being single


“The minute a guy is single, he thinks of sex. Equally, if their friend is dating someone new they are reminded of sex. When in a new working environment, they will be more aware of their female colleagues.”


“The minute they drink alcohol, men suffer from the ‘beer goggles’ effect. Everything gets blurred, and most things become air-brushed in their vision — especially women. And anything makes them think of sex.”


Just thought we’d mention the word again, because men would be thinking of it now. It’s been seven seconds.

Flesh of any kind

“Anything from watching porn to be being an environment where more flesh is on display, such as the beach.”

Hotel rooms

“Hotel rooms are associated with secrecy and being naughty. They are also linked to being on holiday, where men have more time to think about sex.”


“A particular smell or perfume can trigger the memory of a girl he’s had great sex with.”

Woman driving

“A girl driving a sexy car — think Audi or Ferrari —shows a guy she likes to speed and her sense of power could mean she is more promiscuous.”

High heels

“Men assume women wear high heels as an effort to look more attractive. Women feel sexier in them.”

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