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What will you do if Canadians elect a minority government?

If you don’t win and voters elect another minority government, whatwill you do? Will you consider a coalition with other oppositionparties to defeat a minority government?

If you don’t win and voters elect another minority government, what will you do? Will you consider a coalition with other opposition parties to defeat a minority government?

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff

"Folks, we are a couple of days from an election and it's the people that are going to choose. And when the people have made their choice, I'm going to act. I've been clear throughout about coalition, about what I think the rules of our constitution are. I will respect those to the letter. Why don't we let the people decide here, the people reading your newspaper are the people who are the boss. They're the people who are going to make the choice and I'll be happy to accept and work with whatever they decide.

"I repeat: I'm running to form a Liberal government composed of Liberal members of Parliament acting on the Liberal platform. That's my responsibility to the voters and I've been clear, and I'm going to be clear right through to the election."

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper

“Well, as you know, I’m in this election to win this election. We’re confident in victory. The mandate we’re looking for from the Canadian people is a majority mandate, so we don’t get into all of those other scenarios.

"All of those other scenarios -- the NDP desire to form a minority coalition, get the backing of the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois -- that is unstable. That simply leads us to another election. As you know, there’s been unusual developments in this campaign, is the best way to say it. Nothing is predictable so everybody needs to vote. The choice is very stark. It will either be a Conservative government, Conservative majority government preferable, keeping the economy on track, or it will be an NDP government with reckless experiments with our economy.”

NDP Leader Jack Layton

“Well we’re working to defeat Stephen Harper. There might have been some who would have said that’s not possible. I never believed that, neither do New Democrats, and it appears that a lot Canadians agree with us.

"That’s the goal we’re seeking and are working for right through until polls close on Monday night, and hopefully we’ll have the largest number of seats in the House and we can work with other parties to deliver the agenda that we’ve committed to work on. Getting more family doctors and lifting seniors out of
poverty, creating jobs by supporting small business and the job creators.

"These are just the key priorities that we’ll focus on so we’ll work with the mandate that’s given to us to get these things done, whatever the composition is of the Parliament.”

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