A wish list is a good star for hunt

When searching for a new condominium, it can be fun to make a wish list of everything you would like to have if money was no object. Although money is always a consideration, even in purchasing the highest-priced penthouse, there are many buyers who can afford absolutely everything they desire.


The primary thing money can buy is the opportunity to extensively customize a penthouse. And wouldn’t it be fabulous to do that? Owners of a 10,000-sq.-ft. suite, for example, might choose to have separate dining and living rooms for a more traditional layout, while others with contemporary tastes could opt to eliminate walls in the main living area and create a large, open space for entertaining. I have known clients to create a ballroom-type area that can be configured with or without tables to accommodate a variety of gala occasions.


Another benefit of being able to determine what spaces are included in a layout is incorporating things such as an exercise room, pool or whirlpool, rather than having to share these amenities with other residents. What a luxury! A grand penthouse may include enough square footage for staff quarters that have a private entrance. And of course, many of the most exclusive penthouses have a private elevator.


Of course, in a brand new condominium, elite buyers can choose the most sumptuous appointments from all over the world. Kitchens can be equipped with the latest, greatest appliances and gadgets, such as a pasta tap at the back of the stove, a vegetable steamer beside the sink and a barbecue feature. Many appliances we buy separately can be built in so that with the press of a button, they rise out of the counter. Moving on to the master ensuite, the choices are positively elegant, from marble counters to lavish oval soaker tubs, spa features and steam rooms.


Pat Baker is CEO of Baker Real Estate Corporation.