In three years, Nicole Fetterly has lost her sister, an uncle and her live-in boyfriend. Now, come Nov. 1, she may also lose her home.

The board of her St. Lawrence Market-area co-op building has begun eviction proceedings against the 21-year-old.

Early last month, 21-year-old Fetterly was listening to music in her bedroom when she heard a loud “pop!” from the neighbouring room in the apartment.

Her boyfriend, Patrick John Smith, was slumped over the side of her couch. Detectives would later conclude a friend visiting Smith had pulled out a handgun and it had accidentally discharged. The 17-year-old Smith, known as Bubz to his friends, was pronounced dead at St. Michael’s Hospital.

An 18-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter.

For the last three weeks, Fetterly has been staying with her mother in Hamilton, too devastated to return to her home. Smith was the one who had helped her cope when her younger sister, Chantele, was knifed to death by an ex-boyfriend in the summer of 2007. He stood by her side after her uncle, David, was shot dead by a Toronto officer during a pharmacy robbery last year.

“He was my everything,” said Fetterly, who had “Bubz” tattooed on her chest in tribute.

Late last week, a friend phoned to tell her an ominous-looking letter from the building’s co-op board was taped to her door.

“They want me out by Nov. 1. Where am I supposed to go?” she said from Hamilton yesterday.

“I understand they’re a co-op and they have rules, that I’m responsible for my guests. But I really didn’t know anyone Patrick hung out with would ever carry a gun.”