‘Super Mario Galaxy 2’

Console: Nintendo Wii

Grade: ?????

Mario is busier than an accountant on April 15. He races. He plays sports. He, um, sidescrolls. A year doesn’t go by without a few new Mario titles to grace the mantle. This year’s jewel, “Super Mario Galaxy 2,” finds the plumber doing what he does best: navigating fantastic 3-D worlds in an attempt to save, guess who, Princess Peach.


At its core, the game plays just like every other 3-D Mario iteration. There is a paper thin storyline regarding the princess and her penchant for baked goods. There are varied worlds with many stars to collect. Many of the tried and true game mechanics make a return appearance. So why is it so good?

To put it simply, this game features the best level design ever to grace a Mario title. You’ll be grinning ear-to-ear as soon as the first level starts and you are unlikely to stop even when the difficulty ramps up.


The “galaxys” are so cool, so ingeniously crafted that it makes the previous title seem quaint and almost pathetic in comparison. This is “The Empire Strikes Back” of 3-D platforming.