Becoming the cornerstone of the community, a new school in a southeast neighbourhood has brought proud citizens together.

The newly developed Radisson Park School located in the heart of Radisson Heights at 2805 Radcliffe Dr. SE was just what the community needed, according to the school principal.

“A school can really be the hub of a community and I think this one is,” Principal Joan Green told Metro. “I think it can help put life back into the community.”


Green said she senses that children and their parents take great pride in the school, going to great lengths to keep it clean and safe.

“The real good news story is that children can stay in the community to attend school and they don’t have to bus to other areas. And they love it,” she added.

Ward 10 area Alderman Andre Chabot spoke with Metro about some of the issues facing the community of Albert Park and Radisson Heights, situated around the Franklin train station off of Memorial and 36th Ave SE.

Chabot said the changing demographics in the community in the last few years saw a drop of the number of students attending area schools.

“The closing of the two schools led to the opening and re-designation of the
students to this one state of the art school, which is a very unique school,” Chabot said.

Chabot and the City of Calgary have plans for the redevelopment of the old schools.

“Albert Park Elementary is very likely to be redeveloped in the near future. It is owned by the Calgary Board of Education, but we’re working on plans in the future.”

And plans for the second school site may soon follow. Chabot said the areas could be made into green spaces to accommodate a new soccer field and a playground, among other possibilities.

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