Frosh cannot live on pizza and Kraft Dinner alone, so Metro talked to some upper-year students about their picks for good eats on a student budget.

The unofficial breakfast of the University of Ottawa appears to be served at Father and Sons (1121/2 Osgoode), which has been serving students eye-openers and pub grub since 1967.

“There’s always a lineup, which always kind of sucks on weekends when you’re hungover,” said third-year student Sarah Zak, “but it’s a good, nice, cheap breakfast and we go there a lot.”


Over at Carleton University, Will Staunton, going into his fifth year, swears by bagels as the fast, affordable sustenance.

“The absolute staple, I think, for university life would have to be Kettleman’s Bagels, right across the bridge (912 Bank St.). Fresh-baked bagels, all kinds of flavours, and they’re open 24/7. You can’t beat that.”

When he can’t get to Kettleman’s, Staunton’s on-campus snack of choice is also bagel-based.

“The bagelwich on multigrain with cheese from Roosters (Level 4, University Centre) is just supreme," he said. “It’s just the cheapest and most delicious meal I’ve found.”

In her three years at Carleton, Erica Vincent has developed a taste for sushi. Her favourite place?

“It’s at Baseline and Merivale, and it’s called Sushi Kan (1440 Merivale Road). I really like it, she said. “That’s actually where I’m headed right now.”

Several Carleton and U of O students warned first years against dining on campus.

“It’s expensive and crappy food,” said U of O’s Joseph Kipfer.

At Algonquin, however, in-house options like The Portable Feast (B Building) and 35th Street Market Café (Residence) got some good reviews.

“Off-campus, everyone usually goes to Summerhays (1971 Baseline Rd.) for beer,” said Stephanie Forcier, a second-year student at Algonquin. “So that’s a good student place on Friday afternoons.”

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